Powerhouse Falls on Falls River

dramatic drop on the Falls River

Looking up at Powerhouse Falls
  • Looking up at Powerhouse Falls
  • Old house and boilers
  • Looking along the crest of the falls
  • Upstream cascades
  • Random storage inside the old power station
  • Evening light over the falls
  • Huge boilers outside the powerhouse
  • Old cement and rock formations
  • Looking over a smooth crest of water
  • Blocky steps down the river
  • Sign for the falls

Powerhouse Falls is a large, direct cascade over layered slate nestled close to an abandoned cement building (a hydraulic powerhouse). A large parking lot, clearing, and pavilion offers a place to have events and rest near the falls, turning the spot into a pleasant town park. The drops itself is one of the most dramatic on Falls River, the sharp cascade being around six feet tall, taller than many of the lower rolling and sliding drops. Upstream from these falls lie some old remains from the removed dam and some more small drops, including Power Dam Falls.


Heading south on US-41 from the Baraga County Tourism Bureau/Subway entrance of L'Anse go to Power Dam Road and turn right, about 1.2 miles up the hill. Power Dam Road has a sharp bend but stay on it, passing East River Drive. Right before you hit the dead end turn right with a sign for Powerhouse Falls. The waterfall is located right at the end of the road. Follow the river upstream a short distance to view more falls.

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