Morgan Meadows Falls on Morgan Creek

small, blocky drops along an otherwise sandy creek

Up around the bend
  • Small blocky drop on Morgan Creek
  • Looking across the stained rocks
  • Up around the bend
  • Taller slide downstream
  • Bridge in the woods

Morgan Creek is a gentle sandy creek that slowly winds its way around the swamps and hills southwest of Marquette. During one of these slow bends the creek flows over an odd line of blocky rock, a long ridge that stretches to either side of the creek, and tumbles down quickly through and over the blocks. After the small drop the creek flows down a shallow rocky slide before resuming a gentle sandy nature.


Take County Road 492 south from US-41 in Marquette for 3.5 miles, turning left on County Road HQ. Turn left right away at the first fork, a small two-track leading off the main road. Stay on this bumpy track for .8 miles to the falls, which will be on the left side of the road just past a culvert.

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