Tiger Falls on Schweitzer Creek

loose drops over loose rocks

Tiny drops on Schweitzer Creek
  • Old foundation in the woods
  • Thick, dreamy forest
  • Small drop surrounded by big rocks
  • Sun rising over the river
  • Tiny drops on Schweitzer Creek
  • Small campsite and fire ring

For having a tall, impressive brother a mile or so upstream, Tiger Falls is a disappointing little drop in thick woods surrounded by large boulders. There are a few tumbles over loose rocks, none more than a foot tall, along a buggy and stinking creek.


With multiple cabins along the north shore, especially near the road, this waterfall is difficult to reach. Head south from Palmer on M-35, turning right on County Road 565. Stick to 565 for 2.5 miles when you'll reach a 4-way intersection, the smallest road right in front of you. Go straight through (this is now County Road MWC) for another .6 mles or so, crossing Schweitzer Creek on the wooden bridge and parking in the meadow on the far side.

Walk down the road on foot, bearing left near the end, until the road just fades away into the trees. There will be some high ground, an outcropping to your right while the river flows below you to left. Try to head due east to the river, as it curves into your path, and find the falls here. If you cut to the river too early you'll end up across the river from a rather large cabin.

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