Algonquin Falls on Black River

tiny split drop along the NCT

Split drop of Algonquin Falls
  • Trailhead for the NCT
  • Rocky river nearby
  • Looking down on the falls
  • Split drop of Algonquin Falls

Right before the Black River flows over the five impressive downstram drops it makes one last little descent within a deepening gorge. The split drop is not tall, nor is it easy to view directly, but it is much more fun to visit for those tiring of boardwalks and loud tourists. Plus, the North Country Trail makes a fun and intimate walk along the river.


The easiest way to find the trailhead is to take the cutoff past Copper Peak. Along the scenic Route 513 north of Bessemer turn right to Copper Peak (about 5.5 miles from Big Powderhorn). Continue on the road past the tourist stop and peak itself. Less than a mile from the mountain is a small pull-off on the right side of the road with just enough room for two vehicles. Park here and check out the NCT signs if desired.

Now it's just a matter of following the North Country Trail downstream (to the left). The path is fairly obvious, though it does jump up and down the steep riverbank a few times and crosses a few little tributaries (over wooden bridges, for the most part). Continue on the trail past some rapids and the big bend. About 1.5 miles you should notice some whitewater below. Climb down to the river if possible, perhaps be continuing downstream and doubling back, as there is no obvious way down. Either return the way you came or follow the trail further downstream to Great Conglomerate Falls.

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