Rainbow Falls on Black River

lowermost of the Black River Falls

Foamy Rainbow Falls
  • Foamy Rainbow Falls
  • Whitewater upstream
  • Steep stairs down
  • Shy Rainbow Falls pouring over the lip

Rainbow Falls is the lowermost of the Black River Falls, a wild chain of drops before the river enters Lake Superior. This waterfall is one of the taller ones, dropping over a slide of conglomerate that ends in a sudden plunge in a deep pit, creating a deep roar of foamy water. There is a viewing platform at the crest although the views are limited.


Head north from US-2 out of Bessemer onto Black River Road via N Moore Road. This route is also known as County Road 513 and should be well marked. Continue on Black River Road for 15 miles and park at the parking area. This is the last riverside parking area south of the harbor, if you'd rather visit the mouth of the river first. Follow the trail and wooden stairs down to the waterfall.

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  • pam May 10, '16 I thought you might like to know that there is a foot bridge at the mouth of the river and if you take it across, you'll get a fantastic view of this fall.
    • Jacob P Emerick May 14, '16 Hi Pam, that's great to know! The trail that comes up from the bridge... Does it continue through to all of the falls?
    • Christy Aug 4, '16 Thank you Pam for telling about this other way to see the falls. It was very pretty. We went up to see these water falls last week. Jacob this trail does continue to see the other water falls. This trial goes to Presque Isle and it is 5 mile hike.
    • Jacob Emerick Aug 11, '16 Thanks for the update, Christy. Glad to hear you made it out there :)
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