Lake Miller Falls on Lake Miller Outflow Creek

tiny drops from one Tilden lake to the next

Sideways flow between boulders
  • Rock barrier holding back the lake
  • Small streams around the rocky blocks
  • Sideways flow between boulders

A small network of lakes sit on the north side of Tilden Mine and provide smelly drainage to both the past mining activity and today's massive pilings. Lake Miller, a somewhat swampy body of water off to the side, drains through a series of rock cuts and drops into Lake Ogden/Sally. The drops are small but could be pretty during spring melt. A small campsite sits on one side of the drops with views of both Lake Miller and the massive piles of rock in the south.


Turn down Suicide Bowl Road from County Road 288 and drive past the ski jump area. Continue driving down the increasingly potholed road as far as your car will tolerate, then park off one of the drives and continue on foot. Be sure to park well out of the way, as these drives and trails are well-used by many for biking and hiking and more. Stay on the paved drive, taking the left fork after passing Lake Minnie, until you reach Lake Miller.

On the far side of Miller is a large and obvious gate warning of dangerous mining activity. Turn right and head through the woods, keeping the lake in sight on your right side. The falls are maybe a hundred yards from the road.

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