Little Trap Falls on Anderson Creek

narrow and tall waterfall along a tiny Trap Hills creek

Thin fanning chutes
  • Slowly melting forest
  • Up the snowy creek
  • Rock outcroppings upstream
  • Dark green woods
  • Green mossy creek
  • Thin fanning chutes

While Anderson Creek is a relatively humble creek, slowly winding over to join Iron River near White Pine, it does hold an interesting set of headwaters. Flowing north off of a chunk of the famous Trap Hills the small creek forms a deep, narrow cut after falling down Little Trap Falls. Barely a trickle for most of the year, so far upstream, the steep rocky gorge and tall drop still makes for an impressive waterfall.


Drive north on M-64 from Bergland for 9.7 miles before taking a sharp right on old M-64. Stay on this dirt road for about 2.2 miles, just when it straightens back out from the slow eastern bend, and park on the shoulder. Cut due east into the woods, climbing up and down a small tributary, before bumping into Anderson Creek. Follow the creek upstream a short distance, deep within a rocky gorge, to locate Little Trap Falls.

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