Hidden Falls on Weidman Outlet Creek

mostly dry drops on the shoulder of Cookout Mountain

Trickling water over the upper falls
  • First outcroppings along the creek
  • Snow covered lower drops
  • Dark jumble of rocks surrounded by green
  • Trickling water over the upper falls
  • Beaver dam holding up Weidman Lake

Weidman Lake is perched high up on the shoulder of Cookout Mountain, a swampy, log-filled marsh of lake. The lake drains down an unnamed outlet through a little valley into a marshy Cascade Creek. Along this outlet there are two small drops, both over blocky granite rocks, that are mostly dry (or Hidden) for most of the year.


Head north on M-64 from Bergland for 2.8 miles, crossing over Cascade Creek before parking on a small drive on the right side of the road. There should be a sign here marking the start of the trail. Follow the bermed drive for a short distance, less than a quarter of a mile, before passing over a marshy creek. This is the outlet from Weidman Lake. Cross the swamp and follow the outlet upstream all the way to the lake to see both drops.

The North Country Trail crosses the outlet below Hidden Falls on its way up to Cookout Mountain. If you can find the trail this is a great sidetrek with a wide open south-facing bluff.

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