Marshall Falls on Marshall Creek

few plunges and chutes over giant boulders

Narrow drops along the creek
  • Open grassy pit
  • Trickling rocky creek
  • Small drops over large rocks
  • Uplifted slabs
  • Narrow drops along the creek

Marshall Falls is a set of drops on a small creek west of Ice House Bay in Lake Gogebic. The creek, which is reduced to a trickle in the summer, descends over giant tortured rocks along narrow mossy chutes and plunges before calming down near a gravel pit and flowing, sluggishly, into Slate River.


Park on M-64 near E Shore Road and head down the two-track on the north side of the road into the gravel pit. Note: there is a pit on both sides of the creek, the east one appears to be less active and make a better approach.

Head north up the pit, keeping to the left side, cutting off to the creek near the end of the pit. Follow the creek upstream to see the falls.

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  • Eric May 2, '19 Unfortunately, the gravel pits on both sides of the creek might be gated shut, discouraging entry. Fortunately there's an alternate route close by if you want to avoid the pits.About 1/2 mile west of E Shore Rd on M-64 is a two-track forest road heading north, FR-8915, which is also about 4.2 miles from US-2 if you're coming from the southwest. Drive about 1/3 mile on FR-8915 to a two-track on the right as FR-8915 curves to the left. Follow this two-track, which was pretty spongy when I was there last October, for about 1/2 mile to the berm at the road's end. Walk past the berm along the trail 150–200 yards to the creek and upstream to the lower drop, and another 50 yards to a larger second falls. Continue upstream 1/4 mile or so to the upper falls. Add to this discussion
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