Nelson Canyon Falls on Nelson Creek

surprising drop over a ledge in a peaceful wooded setting

Cool tiny pour of water
  • Overgrown two-track to the falls
  • Sudden jags of rock in the forest
  • Narrow little box canyon
  • Cool tiny pour of water
  • Small camp site above the falls

Nelson Creek slowly drifts through a peaceful wooded area before suddenly plunging down an overhanging shelf and splattering loudly on the rocks below. The drop is small but surprising in the otherwise calm woods. Downstream the creek continues, within a sharp canyon for a while, then slipping away into Slate River to the east. A small camping site is located right above the falls.


From Bergland head east on M-28 and turn south on M-64, following the west coast of Lake Gogebic for 15.4 miles. Turn left CC and drive another 1.5 miles before parking at a two-track leading east on the left side of the road.

Walk along the track, taking the first fork a short distance from CC, for about .75 miles. Bear left at this fork down an overgrown trail, now heading north, for another .25 miles. The trail will fade away to nothing. Continue north to the creek and falls. If you cut too far off the trail just veer left at any point, as thise route runs parallel to the Nelson Creek. Follow the creek downstream to the falls.

Comments (2)

  • David Anderson Oct 4, '15 The 2-track is heavily overgrown now. I left it at about 0.2 miles from CC Rd, and veered down to the creek. Follow the faint footpath along the top of the riverbank until you get to the falls.On the return trip, follow the footpath back. Be sure to bring good footgear, because climbing down to the falls requires a bit of scrambling. Also please bring a compass, and remember that the creek is north and the CC Road is west of you!
    • Jacob Emerick Oct 4, '15 Hi David, thanks for the update. I wonder why the rangers don't clear out this trail. It's a pretty short hike and would make for a good thing to feature for the Ottawa. Anyways, thanks again for the update on the trail conditions and advice!
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