Big Garlic Falls on Big Garlic River

craggy waterfall nestled in the Huron Mountains

Rocky crops around the falls
  • Calm stretch on the river
  • Wooden bridge over a wide river
  • Rocky crops around the falls
  • Small, sliding drop above the main falls

Set of drops deep in between mountains, Big Garlic Falls is a short length of drops along the Big Garlic River. Cascading water over craggy volcanic rocks, surrounded by low brush and scraggly pines, this waterfall fits into the Huron Mountain area perfectly. The largest drop is composed of a few small, cluttered streams of water over a mass of rock that splits the river into several unique chutes.


Head north from Marquette along County Road 550 for about 13 miles, then turn left onto Gold Mine Road (after crossing both Big Garlic River and Birch Creek). Drive uphill for 3.5 miles, staying straight at the fork at 1.3 miles, until you meet a small wooden bridge that crosses the Big Garlic River. Park here and follow river downstream, falls are less than a half mile from the bridge.

There is a cabin downstream of the waterfalls on the south bank. If you're worried about trespassing you can try approaching Big Garlic Falls from the north, parking about 2.9 miles from County Road 550 and head south to the falls, which is less than a hundred yards from the road but involves more bushwhacking.

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