Upper Little Garlic Falls on Little Garlic River

little plunges in a deep, mossy crack of rock

Long narrow pool
  • Mossy little gorge
  • Long chain of chutes between huge rocks
  • Up the rock crack
  • Dancing over the damp rocks
  • Long narrow pool
  • Deep pool above the falls

Far up on the headwaters of Little Garlic River sits a large pond blocked up with a large rocky hill. After trickling through an overgrown beaver dam the water flows down a narrow crack, filled with mossy logs and boulders and little waterfalls, down to form the start of the river. A large rental cabin sits near the base of the falls, complicating the access routes.


About 10 miles north of US-41 on County Road 510 turn right on a small two-track. The sandy road heads into the woods for awhile, surrounded by thick woods, before ending suddenly at a gate. Park before reaching the gate to avoid blocking the road.

If you follow the road past the gate you'll end up walking past a large cabin (which I think is a rental) and to the base of the falls that flows in to the right. If that is too intrusive you can head to the right, cutting through the woods to the large pond below the hill. Follow the north bank of the pond, keeping the high ground to your left and the water to your right, to where it drains down to the waterfall.

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