Upper Big Garlic Falls on Big Garlic River

stretch of waterfalls high up in the Huron Mountains

Pretty little wooded waterfall
  • Steep river bed around the river
  • Sudden cascades over block rock
  • Odd rock formation plopped in the rivers path
  • Mossy rocks and narrow chutes
  • Jumbled boulders on the Big Garlic
  • Pretty little wooded waterfall

High up in the reaches of the Huron Mountains the Big Garlic River flows under County Road 510, starting it's long journey down to Lake Superior. Flowing over a small grouping of waterfalls, some diverting the river by a huge mounds of rock into smaller chutes, others forming tiny plunges into pools, Upper Big Garlic Falls is a remote and scenic destination within a deep, rocky valley. Between the direct waterfalls and the smaller rapids in between this waterfall accounts for over 200' of drop on the river alone.


About 6.8 miles south of County Road 510's bridge over the Yellow Dog River there is a two-track that heads east. Park or drive down the two-track downhill. Keep to the main route, avoidng the forks on the way, until you get close to the river. Most of the falls are downstream from here.

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