Upper Carp River Falls on Carp River

two small waterfalls on the fringe of Ishpeming

A bowl-shaped plunge
  • Icy scene on the Carp River
  • Up at the ice and snowy pool
  • Flowing waters bubbling between icy covers
  • Sun shining over the downriver waters
  • Cliff above the small drop
  • A bowl-shaped plunge

A small series of drops within a sharp little gorge, Upper Carp River Falls is an easy destination just outside of Ishpeming. There are two main waterfalls, one a bowl-shaped cascading plunge and the other a wide slide next to a tall cliff. Rocky outcroppings around the river make it difficult to get good angles on the drops.


Head east out Ishpeming on 41. About 2.1 miles down the road there will be a small cluster of buildings on the south side of the road. Pull into Semco Energy and park in the back corner, close to the woods. A trail leads from this corner to the river, follow it and then go downstream to view the falls.

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