Dead River Dam Falls on Dead River

meager remnant of the mighty Great Falls

Sickly green pond
  • Sickly green pond
  • Gravelly land below the dam
  • Colorful rocks and dam

The huge Hoist Dam that holds back the Dead River Reservoir covers a waterfall that was known only as 'Great Falls'. Stories say that the mist from this waterfall would rise above the trees, creating a thick mist that was visible from miles, and that spirits would drift through the mist and whisper. Today only the cement dam stands here. Some trickles of water from nearby tributaries and seasonal overflow from the dam cascade down the rocks near the dam to create a sorry parody of the lost Great Falls.


From County Road 510 take Dead River Dam Road west, just south of the large, new bridge over the Dead River. Turn right after 1.5 miles and park before the gate, then follow the road on foot past the gate to the dam. Some small falls flow down from the left while the main powerstation is directly ahead.

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