Fenner's Falls on Eagle River

a rough tumble in a rocky gorge

Bright sun on Fenners Falls
  • Looking down over the falls
  • The rugged upper drop
  • Bright sun on Fenners Falls
  • Forest trail
  • Gushing upper drop of Fenners Falls
  • Swollen spring time waterfall

Note: this waterfall is on private property. Please do not visit without permission.

Eagle River is a relatively small river that has to go through a rough tumble to reach Lake Superior. Fenner's Falls is the middle named drop on the mile-long dash, by far the hardest one to reach. Deep in a congolmerate gorge, with no clear path and steep rock walls, most of the adventure is just getting down to the river. The waterfall is worth it, though, with two tiers and steep rock surrounding it on both sides. The upper half is made up of several plunges over dark basalt and the lower a slide over angled conglomerate.


Turn north onto M-26 from US-41 in Phoenix and drive 1.5 miles to a mailbox for '4593 M-26'. Park near here, on the east side of the road (opposite the driveway), and look for the small culvert draining into the ditch. There should be a small footpath near this drainage creek. Follow the path through the woods to the river. The path turns downstream and leads down the steep bank to the waterfall. Proceed with caution - this trail is narrow and the gorge is a long drop now.

Comments (2)

  • Rebekah Aug 29, '17 Trekked down to these falls this past weekend. Beautiful, but certainly not for those looking for an easy hike! I went with a friend, and glad we had a walking stick. The "trail" down is quite steep, and muddy on the rainy day. Bring shoes with a good grip as the trail is nearly straight down, but was SO fun. Getting up was a little trickier but the roots along the embankment helped keep us steady, as well as our walking stick to help pull each other up a couple of times. Slightly dangerous but overall beautiful falls, and certainly an adventure.
    • WaterFall Earl Jun 13, '18 The entire eagle river is on private property owned by private land owners. Probably a good idea to stay out.
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