Upper Chocolay Falls on East Branch Chocolay River

smooth-domed waterfall into a shallow pool

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  • Misty river
  • Gentle slides over rock
  • Picturesque drop into a deep pool
  • Next to Upper Chocolay Falls
  • Questionable footbridge over the wide creek

A small drop along the quiet Chocolay River, these upper falls sit in a deep grove of woods and gently pour into a shallow pool. The waterfall itself flows over a domed formation to create an interesting and smooth scene. The easiest access to the drop is through private property, so either be prepared for a tough hike or ask for access.


On M-94, less than a mile east of US-41, head south on Town Line Road. .8 miles down Town Line turn right and follow the overgrown two-track for about a half mile. Park at the small clearing and continue down the road on foot, curving south and west towards the river. This logging track dies out in a thick undergrowth. Continue pushing through the thick stuff, heading west, until you bump into Chocolay River. Follow the river upstream to the falls.

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  • Aaron Strouse Oct 5, '17 Went there in September 2017, the gentleman at the end of the road that owns the private property was not going to let me use his path the make it easier to see them, he told me the river had dried up and the falls were gone. I know that it was his property but he could have been truthful. Anyway there is another way to see them but it was a four and a half hour round trip, but I went anyway.
    • Jacob P Emerick Oct 7, '17 Thanks Aaron - 'the river has dried up and the falls are gone' sounds like a pretty ridiculous way of simply saying 'don't trespass'. I believe that the directions I have posted avoid the private property issue - is that how you ended up reaching them?
    • Aaron Strouse Oct 23, '17 Yes if I remember you talk about the two track and then follow the river back that is how I did it and appreciate that posting. Thank youAaronP. S. Just checking did you check out my pictures of that falls on Flickr? Have a good day
    • John Kachelmeyer May 22, '18 The two track approach described above definitely works, however, don’t go to the end of the two track. Before it peters out, another old road (blocked so you won’t even be able to attempt to drive on it), heads to the south, then turns east. If you look on your satellite map, there is a small pond to the north of your trail. On the south side of this old road, there’s a tree marked “bearing tree”. Head due south at this point into the woods. There isn’t much undergrowth here, so it’s not too difficult. You’ll come out right at the falls, and probably save yourself a couple hours.
    • Jacob P Emerick May 23, '18 Thanks John!
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