Frohling Falls on West Branch Chocolay River

tall chute carved deep in smooth black rock

Next to the giant bulge of rock
  • Thick pine woods
  • Upper drops
  • Long, narrow drop in the rock
  • Next to the giant bulge of rock
  • Looking up the massive waterfall
  • Deep pool under the falls

In the deep woods north of the Sands of Marquette is a surprisingly tall waterfall on a branch of Chocolay River. Frohling Falls sits on an otherwise calm and sandy river that winds slowly through a lush forest before suddenly pouring down a series of deeply carved chutes to create a beautiful scene. Reaching this waterfall is difficult, with limited access on the south side and a few two-tracks to the north.


Turn east onto M-94 from County Road 553, near the Sawyer airport, and drive for 5.5 miles. Park on the side of the road and head north into the woods. Follow what two tracks you can find, overgrown or not, until you find the river. Follow the river downstream to the falls.

Please note: there may be easier access if you find your way to the north side of the river, either along Sporley Lake Road or one of the logging access roads to the east.

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