Narrows Falls on Black River

barely a ripple below a small roadside campsite

Smooth shimmer over the water
  • First view of Black River
  • Smooth shimmer over the water
  • Small roadside camping area

Three sets of named rapids sit on the Black River as it travels along the scenic route 513, and this is the smallest one. Barely a ripple breaks the surface of the water as it flows over some submerged rocks. There may be some minor rapids above or below this bend, as well as some fishing spots and a campsite, yet this 'rapids' is barely worth seeing on the way to the epic downstream waterfalls.


Along the scenic Route 513, north of Bessemer, there is a small roadside campsite that marks the location of Narrows Falls. It is located about 4 miles north of Big Powderhorn and just over a mile from the Black River Lodge. Park at the small clearing on the right side of the road and head over to the trail on the far side, taking it down to the river. The path is muddy but well-traveled and takes you right to the slight ripple. More rapids may be visible downstream near the mouth of Whelp Creek.

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