Gooseneck Creek Falls on Gooseneck Creek

sandstone drops down to Dollar Bay

Roaring upper drop
  • Old wooden dam
  • Trickling upper drops
  • Trickling lower drops
  • Large mossy boulders in the creek
  • Tough bushwhacking
  • Roaring upper drop
  • Swollen cascade drowning boulders and clutter
  • Foamy rapids
  • Huge lower drops
  • The top of the lower slide

Note: this waterfall is on private property. Please do not visit without permission.

Gooseneck Creek is a tiny little creek flowing south from the Houghton County Memorial Hospital down to Dollar Bay over several drops of sandstone. The last mile or so of the creek carves a sharp, deep gorge in the soft rock, creating a series of waterfalls over the layers and winding around boulders dropped from the walls above. A railroad grade separates the creek in half, with the upstream part holding a well-defined fanning drop and the lower a long chain of cascades that ends only at the town of Dollar Bay itself.


Drive up Arcadian Road, north from Dollar Bay, for 2 miles before turning east onto Mason Cross/Forsman Road. Stay on Mason Cross/Forsman for .9 miles, passing over Gooseneck Creek and turning sharp to the right after the bridge, and park on the gated drive near the second sharp bend (where the tall pines are).

Follow this path south/southwest, bushwhacking at the far end of the pine forest, until you bump into an overgrown two-track that roughly parallels the creek. You can choose to cut to the creek to avoid confusion, but a swamp will slow your path considerably. The first waterfall is north of the railroad grade, and the second is just south of it. Continue downstream past the lower waterfall for more drops. Avoid wandering around the grade or up on the banks, as there is some private property in the area.

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  • Mark Rosenlund Jul 24, '17 The entire area with the noted falls is on private property and trespassing is not allowed. Thank you
    • Jacob P Emerick Jul 26, '17 Thank you for the comment, Mark. I've updated the page with a notice.
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