Quincy Falls on Quincy Creek

series of sandstone drops near an old mining mill

Up at the lower drop and mossy rock walls
  • Eyeing up the abandoned mill
  • Remains of an old trestle
  • Mossy rocks and clutter
  • A unique little drop
  • Cascade surrounded by dark rocks
  • Impressive upper waterfall
  • Colored lower shelf
  • Closeup of the dams drop
  • Downstream from the tiny dam
  • Calm waters between snowy banks
  • An icy third drop
  • Stark mining ruins
  • Torch Lake below
  • Up at the lower drop and mossy rock walls
  • Tire swing near the dam
  • Looking downstream from the dam
  • Boulders cluttering up the narrow canyon

Qunicy Falls is an interesting series of waterfalls along a sandstone creek that empties near the old Quincy Mill. While the creek is cluttered with brush, boulders, and remains of past mining ventures there are four drops that stick out. The lower waterfall is a short plunge over a sandstone ledge right before the creek flows under an old railroad grade. Next drop is an even pour over a short, old dam that slides through a chute and fans over a spherical sandstone feature. The third drop is a small cascade near a bend that splatters and plunges over a series of ledges. The upper waterfall is the tallest by far, a plunging drop over sandstone almost eight feet in height.

The ruins near the mouth of the creek is also worth exploring. A huge old mill, the roof mostly caved in, shows just how active this area once was. A few more buildings stretch out to the north, along with some piles of poor rock and old railroad foundations. Also, the famous Quincy Dredge sits out in Torch Lake, a mere stone's throw from the creek.


Park on the north side of the large old mill, about 2.4 miles north of Dollar Bay. Follow the trail upstream, making your way around the crumbling piles of poor rock. The trail ends at the top of the railroad grade (now an ATV trail) but the waterfalls start below. Head down to the creek, making your way upstream to the falls. Some inconsistent footpaths are up along the north side of the creek, but they are hard to make out and do not go all the way to the upper waterfall.

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  • dcclark Jan 20, '09 Trying comments again. I'm not sure I made the uppermost set of falls, although Kyle and I have tried a few times. Might it be easier to start north from Foresman road and meet the creek at the top?
    • Jacob Emerick Jan 20, '09 It looks like it from the satellite photos - follow Foresman inland .5 miles, cut in at the dead end road, then follow the swooping old railroad grade-looking track to Quincy. Should drop you near the upper falls, and with luck, the remains of a trestle. I'm going to verify this in the spring for sure, as it sounds much easier.
    • Tyler Schwartz Apr 15, '15 Unfortunately, Hakala Rd (which I believe is the dead end road mentioned here) is private & gated not far from Foresman Rd. Perhaps the swooping track could be accessed from the NE though... (lots of connecting tracks, though some are likely private)
    • Jacob Emerick Apr 17, '15 Ah, thanks Tyler! Maybe the best way is just to follow the creek upstream from the old mill after all.
    • Mark Piotrowski Aug 6, '18 Visited recently. Flood has done two things. The Creek is now almost debris free, easier to climb and photograph. Forsman road, however, was severely damaged. Access up there was questionable anyway due to private property. A two track on the north side of the river can be used, however. I used it to exit the area faster. The creek is pretty easy now though. I saw a woman and her cockapoo returning from upstream!
    • Jacob P Emerick Aug 10, '18 Thanks for the update, Mark! And a cockapoo? Wow, it must be an easier hike, I remember struggling back in '09 w/ two-legged friends, let alone a cockapoo!
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