Gratiot River Falls on Gratiot River

blocky basalt drops near Lake Superior

Blocky drops of the lower falls
  • Mirror mouth of Gratiot River
  • Blocky drops of the lower falls
  • Upper drops at Gratiot River Falls
  • Snowy mounds hiding the falls

Before Gratiot River flows into Lake Superior and a rocky, protected bay, it flows over a set of two blocky, basaltic drops. These drops are located near the end of a swampy stretch, though the outcropping is not enough to end the swamp. This waterfall is part of a larger conservancy is far from traffic and, with the nearby rocky bay, makes for a great destination.


Directly before entering Ahmeek on northbound US-41 bear left at a sign for Five Mile Point. Follow the signs for Five Mile Point through town. After leaving Ahmeek stay on Five Mile for .6 miles, turning left on the fork right before Ahmeek cemetery. This road merges with Bumbletown Road after about .9 miles - just keep heading north, bearing right at any forks, and avoid any side logging tracks.

1.9 miles after bumping into Bumbletown Road there will be a muddy two-track that bends off to the right, down to the river. Either drive down it to the parking area below (which may be tough depending on your vehicle) or just park on Bumbletown. Follow the path down to the river and falls.

Also, a protected bay at the mouth of Gratiot River is about another mile down this road and is worth the extra drive.

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