Little Falls on Interior Creek

playing hide-and-seek with a waterfall

Small drops into the calm water
  • Small campsite with a fire ring
  • Looking over the reservior
  • Small drops into the calm water
  • Tiny blocky drops
  • Looking beyond Little Falls
  • Upstream rapids

Even though receives a lot of attention from the Bruce Crossing area there is another drop nearby. Sitting on the main inlet to the Bond Falls Flowage is the aptly named Little Falls, an interesting, if small, drop. The waterfall is a small cascade over rugged rocks located along an otherwise sluggish river.

The interesting part of Little Falls comes with it's proximity to the reservoir. Depending on the water level this waterfall may be completely submerged. Timing a visit to this area can make for a fun challenge. Also, the dewatered land around the river is pretty cool to check out with a few unmarked campsites and thick, tall grasses.


Take US-45 about 6 miles north of Watersmeet and turn right (east) onto Forest Highway 5250. Stay on this road for 3.6 miles before turning left on a small two-track leading into the woods. This track can be a bit rough during the wetter parts of the year. Stay right/straight on the fork at .7 and try to keep to the main route on any smaller sideroutes. After 1.8 miles of driving north the road will start a lazy curve to the west and a sidetrack will show up on the right. Take this and park, following the trail out to the river and falls on your right. There are a few tiny rapids five minutes upstream of Little Falls.

The track does continue west and north, passing by Sand Lake and a few other sandy roads before meeting up with Bond Falls Road, but it became impassable for my tiny car shortly after Little Falls. If your vehicle can handle it this may be an easier way out than backtracking.

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