Arnold Mine Falls on Jacob's Creek

small cascade on the fringe of mine ruins

Dusting of snow on the falls
  • Bubbling, foaming drop
  • Snow covered paths on the poor rock
  • Dusting of snow on the falls
  • Pleasant little wooden pathway

The remains of an old, relatively unproductive mine lie scattered about near the top of Jacob's Creek. Arnold Mine was a branched off venture of Copper Falls Mine in the east and is now owned by the Jampot monks, caretakers who have done a fantastic job over the years of cleaning and maintaining the historic site. There are waterfalls up here, including a scenic fanning drop, located near the fields of poor rock with nice trails leading up to and around them.


If you don't feel like following Jacob's Creek up from M-26 and the Jampot, a tough uphill hike that is close to a mile in length, then drive up the bluff to Arnold Mine. From Eagle River this is a 3.3 mile route first along Garden City Road, then bearing left at the fork with Eagle Harbor Cutoff. Park on the side of the road, a few hundred yards east of where Jacob's Creek flows under the road, and follow the two-track north to the poor rock paths. The falls are just downstream of the poor rock.

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