White City Falls on Middle Branch Escanaba River

narrow chute between two rocks

White City Falls from the downstream island
  • Looking along the crest of the falls
  • Peering upstream beyond the waterfall
  • White City Falls from the downstream island

Shoved between two huge mounds of bedrock, the Middle Branch Escanaba River pours down a sharp drop into a wide pool to form White City Falls. A downstream island provides an excellent view up at the drop, although a nearby cabin complicates access.


Head south on County Road 581, southwest of Ishpeming. About 6 miles south of Ishpeming bear left onto County Road CG. At .9 miles bear left again onto County Road CCU. The cabin by the falls are at the end of this road, 2 miles down, but it is gated off (and private property). You could try crossing the river upstream and bushwhacking, though I'm unsure of that route.

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  • michael oertel Nov 29, '14 The White City Falls and two islands (one with a bridge) surrounding the cabin on each side of the river are private property now and permission must be given in advance by the owners; as they have been making the house, barn, garage and farmed land gated and fenced around the 50 acres a "year round residence".They have signs posted against trespassing and video cameras for security. They value their privacy and take any incursion seriously. Four german shepards now guard the area. Just so everyone knows, from recent past experience, that this area is now well guarded for the owners security and safety.
    • Jacob Emerick Dec 18, '14 Hi Michael, thanks for the extra information. I've wondered how tough it would be to approach these falls from the south as well, to completely avoid this house, though that may also be on private land. Maybe this drop (and the others downstream) should be left to the kayakers.
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