Ogemaw Falls on Ogemaw Creek

scenic little drop on Baraga Plains

Sliding drops through the thick undergrowth
  • Sliding drops through the thick undergrowth
  • Sliding, slippery lower drop
  • Fall colors around the pond
  • Blocky rock wall
  • Thin downstream slide
  • Springtime at Ogemaw Falls

Located near the old prison camp on Baraga Plains, Ogemaw Falls is a picturesque drop not far from US-41. The creek empties out a small pond south of Baraga Plains Road before pouring over volcanic rock to form a cascading plunge and long slide down a pillow of rock. The walk is short and easy enough for most people to enjoy.


Take Barage Plains Road west from US-41 for 3.5 miles. Park directly after the pond on the left side of the road. Follow the road back until you find the culvert emptying the pond under the road and follow this creek downstream to the falls. East side of the creek is easier to follow than the west.

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  • Robert Collins Oct 2, '15 Hello!Have been up from Chicago 13 times now, in early fall, for all the splendor. And this was my first time visiting this little gem (as shown on this nice site ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).Very worthwhile and isolated, with small levels of complexity. And with the lagging foliage now "picking up steam" (colder overnights), you have bonus material.Also, space permitting, you can simply park right at stated pond; the sign for falls is directly across the road, on the west side, but small. So, don't miss it. Then, carefully work your way through the forest.A nice little gem, which gives you a lot of solitude as well ๐Ÿ˜ŠSincerely,Bob Collins
    • Jacob Emerick Oct 4, '15 Great to hear from you, Bob! And glad to hear that the fall colors are starting to come in.There's a sign there now, eh? I know of some people (me) who tried coming down from the very steep western bank before. Now that there's a sign there hopefully that won't happen as much.Thanks sir!
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