Ajibikoka Falls on Sucker Creek

a tiny drop draining Brush Lake into a nearby swamp

Ajibikoka Falls
  • Trail dead end in a swamp
  • Ajibikoka Falls
  • Mucky pool below the falls
  • Closeup of the middle chute
  • Rocks cluttering up the top of the falls
  • A swampy pond above the falls

Sucker Creek drains out of Brush Lake on a swampy trek north to the Ontonagon River system. Before going through the long journey of difficult swamps and beaver dams it creates a pleasant little drop right at the outlet of Brush Lake known as Ajibikoka Falls. Technically a multi-tiered drop, the first half is clogged with rocks and boulders that swallows up the water most of the year, leaving a small cascade of fanning drops at the bottom the main feature here.


Stop at the second two-track on the north side of Sucker Road about 3.6 miles west of US-45. Park at the gate and follow the two-track on foot. Road more-or-less dead ends after 3/4 miles at a swamp (it continues on to the northeast but is quite flooded). A short distance before the swamp there is an overgrown path on the right side that has a few scattered pink tape markings. If you can't find the path just head east from the end of the two-track, staying away from the swamp on your left, and you'll bump into Sucker Creek within a few hundred yards. Waterfall is located on the north end of Brush Lake.

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