Carp River Falls on Carp River

large, rushing waterfalls in a young river gorge

A swollen, roaring cascade
  • Lower drop on the river
  • A swollen, roaring cascade
  • Logjam plunge on Carp River
  • Blocky drop
  • Riverside at the falls
  • Looking down on the full chain of drops

Deep in an immature river gorge, Carp River Falls is a rushing tumble of water tightly hemmed in by forested hills and mountains. There are numerous small rapids along this final stretch of the Carp River, with most of the larger and impressive drops clustered north of Morgan Creek's inlet. A landfill and reservior upstream give the river a distinctive, unpleasant oder and color, but that doesn't stop fisherman visiting the lower rapids every spring.


Park either in the northern lots for Marquette Mountain (just south of Marquette on County Road 553) or up along Marquette Mountain Road (the first two-track leading west from 553 past Marquette Mountain). Follow the river upstream past Morgan Falls to Carp River Falls about a mile upstream. The north side is much easier, along Marquette Mountain Road, and gives much better views of the larger drops.

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  • Kaleb Martin May 4, '20 This description, along some others of certain rivers, is very ignorant. A reservation that causes the color and odor* of a river to change?? Seriously? The landfill doesn't do anything either, the river is not smelly or have a weird color?? It's called Tannic Acid. Add to this discussion
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