Dakota Farm Falls on Dakota Creek

large slide down angles of basalt slabs

Sideways view of the long chute
  • Dark, wet creek
  • Lower mossy chute
  • Sideways view of the long chute
  • Stringing drops
  • Long tail of mossy chutes

A little-known drop at the site of a historic farm on Huron Bay, Dakota Farm Falls is a surprisingly tall and scenic waterfall. On its way down from the highlands to meet up with Silver River the creek runs over long sets of rapids and this drop, a set of sideways slides down huge slabs of basalt.


From the Silver Falls parking spot, just off of Skanee Road about 7 miles out of L'Anse, you can either cut across the river to Dakota Farm Road or attempt to follow Silver River upstream. If you cut across the river, bushwhack southeast until you bump into a nice gravel road, then follow the road south until you bump into Dakota Creek (which flows over the road). Follow the creek downstream to the falls.

Following Silver River upstream, try to cross at some point to the eastern bank. Dakota Creek flows in from the east about a half mile above Silver Falls. Dakota Farm Falls is around a mile upstream of this confluence.

It is much easier to just drive along Dakota Farm Road, which connects Skanee Road with Arvon Road, but this road has gates on both ends. The north side is usually gated and the south side only occassionally. If you want to risk being gated on the road you can try driving in from Arvon Road, through the gravel pit, the three miles to the creek.

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