Middle Silver Falls on Silver River

a few dozen waterfalls at the end of Dynamite Hill Road

Impressive stepping drops near the end of the falls
  • Pretty foaming dome on Silver River
  • A rainy lower falls
  • Wet rocks around the waterfalls
  • Dark rocks under bright fall leaves
  • Some fall colors around the river
  • Across the sand pit
  • Impressive stepping drops near the end of the falls
  • Leaning cedars along the banks
  • Sharp rock walls around the water
  • Across the curtain of water
  • Mass of water hiding the falls
  • Engorged middle drops
  • Angry spring waters
  • Tall swollen drops
  • Gush of water between rocks

Middle Silver Falls is the general name for a long chain of waterfalls at the end of Dynamite Hill Road. The largest ones, located between Indian and Arvon Road, are surrounded by cabins, complicate access. Here the bedrock thrusts up from under the water, forcing the river down narrow chutes and over steep plunges, creating an incredibly forceful and angry set of drops.

Downstream from Arvon Road access is a bit easer, with a single cabin on the west bank that is far above most of the drops. These waterfalls are more subdueded but still very scenic, blocky drops over the tough rock with a few direct plunges. Gomanche Falls is located on the west bank near the downstream falls, just past the cabin.


Dynamite Hill Road heads east from US-41 a short distance south of L'Anse, along the long sloped decline near the famous Hilltop Restuarant. Turn down Dynamite Hill Road and follow it for 4.1 miles, bearing left at the final fork after it turns from pavement to dirt (and technically becomes Arvon Road). Park on the far side of Silver River, which passes under the road, near the unmarked gravel road that heads left through a sand pit. This gravel road (aka Dakota Farm Road) is usually gated.

Head through the gravel pit for a bit, parallel to the river. Stick to the left side when it opens up. A track will split off from the main road and head up the far left corner of the pit, try to stick to it as it leaves the pit. Continue on the track through the woods bearing left on any forks. After a while the track should peter out, head down to the river. The lowermost falls should be near here. If the river is swampy and winding you've gone too far, if it is straight with steep banks than you haven't gone far enough. Hike upstream from the lowermost drop to view all three of the lower falls.

Accessing the upper falls are a bit more difficult. There are three groupings of falls upstream of Arvon Road. .4 miles on Indian Road, after the fork with Arvon Road, there is an overgrown two-track that heads east. This will take you to the first group. From here you can head upstream a few hundred yards to visit the second grouping. To access the third grouping, which happens to have the most private property around it, find the track that is 2 miles from Arvon Road and head north, parking when it gets too rough, and head to the river and follow it upstream.

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  • Nancy Haun Sep 9, '18 Thanks for the good directions Jacob-we went there today! Quite a hike down the steep slope but what a reward!
    • Jacob P Emerick Sep 19, '18 It is a steep slope, isn't it! Great to hear you were able to find them :)
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