Wright Street Falls on Dead River

volcanic rapids along Wright Street

Jagged upper drops
  • Penstock stretching upriver to Forestville Basin
  • Jagged upper drops
  • Waterfalls flowing from below the penstock
  • Bridge over the Dead River
  • Tiny white chutes below the bridge
  • Dead River flowing down a rocky chute

Downstream of Forestville Dam the Dead River begans to calm down. It has a short distance to travel east to Lake Superior with one last (relatively shallow) reservoir to pass through. Before it retires, though, there is one more jagged drop over red and black volcanic rock to flow over, a tough cascade that flows next to Wright Street. This waterfall consists of a jagged set of rapids that flows under a penstock and bridge, dropping close to a dozen feet in all, and then the Dead River enters the Tourist Park area.


From US-41 in Marquette (near Target and the mall) head up Wright Street for 1.5 miles, or when the road levels out. Park on the left side of the road near a gated bridge with an angry yellow sign nearby. Cross over the bridge and follow the river to the left towards the penstock's crossing for the main falls. Some smaller falls are located underneath the bridge.

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