Reany Falls on Reany Creek

picturesque drop near Dead River Falls

Reany Falls triple split
  • Dirty snow around the small chute
  • Sun filtering slowly through the forest
  • Reany Falls triple split
  • Looking up the narrow rocky creek
  • Blocky rocks
  • Some upper drops under a shelf of snow

With a location close to a well-known Marquette destination (Dead River Falls) Reany Falls is a surprisingly photographed and popular waterfall. Composed a few small drops along a narrow creek, the main focus is a three-way split plunge nestled in the bedrock that is viewable from the road's bridge above. Smaller drops are located above these falls, although the narrow little canyon makes viewing them difficult.


Turn north onto County Road 492 (Wright Street) from US-41 on the west side of Marquette. After a quick right turn head left on Forestville Road (should be marked with some recreational signs) about .6 miles after leaving US-41. Keep on Forestville Road, over the one-lane bridge, for about 2 miles. Stop at the parking area within view of the old power station, near the outhouse. The falls are located back up the road near the bridge over Reany Creek (not the bridge to the house, the bridge that you drove over on Forestville Road within eyesight of the parking lot). Dead River Falls is located in the opposite direction, up the path on the hill.

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