Upper Reany Falls on Reany Creek

tumbling drops near the LS&SI line

Sideways chutes into a deep pool
  • Wide creek surrounded by snow
  • Some of the lower drops
  • Tumbling cascade over grey rock
  • Huge boulders diverting the creek
  • Crowded banks around the river
  • Sideways chutes into a deep pool

Far above Reany Falls by the Dead River the creek tumbles down a steep slope above a railroad grade. This set of drops, collectively called Upper Reany Falls, is a jagged set of cascades and plunges nestled deep in a little gorge far more wild than the nice footpaths around Dead River Falls. Also, there are some nice bluffs on the north side of the creek with partial views down towards Marquette and Forestville.


Turn north onto County Road 492 (Wright Street) from US-41 on the west side of Marquette. After a quick right turn head left on Forestville Road (should be marked with some recreational signs) about .6 miles after leaving US-41. Keep on Forestville Road, over the one-lane bridge, for about 2 miles. Stop at the parking area within view of the old power station, near the outhouse.

Circle back up the road on foot until you walk over Reany Creek. Reany Falls is located here. Head up the creek and avoid walking on the private drive if possible. The creek flows under the drive twice. Before the second pass it bends sharply to the north, getting close to the tall LS&SI grade. Climb up the grade and follow the train tracks to the left (west). Holyoke Creek flows under the tracks first, after a half mile, and has some small waterfalls on the right side of the grade. Continue for another half mile or so to Reany Creek and head down the right side of the grade to the waterfall.

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