Upper Huron Falls on Huron Creek

urban waterfall uncomfortably close to Wal-Mart

Barest trickle over the rock
  • Snow-covered drop
  • Wide pond below the falls
  • Barest trickle over the rock
  • Bright sun on the rock wall
  • Rocky tumble downstream

As the Huron Creek comes around from the back of Wal-Mart it bumps into the built up strip malls of Ridge Road in Houghton and tumbles down a little rocky cut. There is a waterfall here, some ten feet tall, that drops down the rock before tumbling over a series of boulders. Most of these boulders are probably pushed down from different construction periods of this area - even the creek itself has been pushed around with the growth of the city. For much of the year the creek trickles, but when the spring melt is flowing this makes for an easy waterfall stop.


Park near the old Asian restuarant by Luanne/Ridge Road and meander over to the creek below the parking lot. The waterfall is located a short distance upstream. It may be worth checking to see if the creek is flowing before making the short hike down, as the creek is visible from Ridge Road.

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