Duppy Falls on Jumbo River

set of three drops in the hills of Iron County

Upper sliding drop
  • Open clearing for parking
  • Foaming full drop of Duppy Falls
  • Upper sliding drop
  • Narrow chute between mossy banks
  • Wide, full cascades
  • Bare hill under the spring forest

Duppy Fall is a set of three small drops in a quick row right before Jumbo River flows out of Iron County. Each drop is over tough, weathered volcanic rock nestled between steep rounded hills. The river drains out of a swampy section upstream before flowing over this and Jumbo Falls, a few miles downstream, and then meets up with East Branch Ontonagon River.


Take NF-16 south from Kenton for about 5.1 miles. There will be two dirt drives on the right, one after another, that form a small loop off the road. The second, southern, entrance is easier to drive down, though both are seasonal and steep. Take either one down (or park and walk from the road) for a few hundred yards to a large clearing. A path leads west from here, over Slate Creek, to Jumbo River. All three waterfalls are upstream on the river.

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