Onion Falls on Onion Creek

small sandstone drop above a deep sandstone gorge

Steady curtain flowing over Onion Falls
  • Old foundations in the grassy meadow
  • An even, sliding waterfall
  • Shallow downstream river
  • Bare spring meadows
  • Tiny earthen homestead half-buried in snow
  • Ice hanging over the creek
  • Wide Ontonagon River
  • Narrow mouth of Onion River
  • Unstable walls
  • A long, fanning slide
  • Steady curtain flowing over Onion Falls
  • Sideways over Onion Falls

There are a few small drops along Onion Creek before it flows into the Ontonagon River. The tallest one, Onion Falls, is located near the top of the sandstone gorge, is an even slide that stretches across the wide and shallow river before it turns sharply below a hard outcropping. Smaller drops can be foundfurther downstream, along the impressive and immature sandstone gorge, all the way to the creek's confluence with the Ontonagon.


From Kenton head north on NF-16 for 4.5 miles before turning left on Skogland Road. Take this west for 2.9 miles and turn right onto Forest Road 1100. After 2 miles turn back left on 1130, parking at an open grassy field on the left at 1.1 miles.

Follow the grassy field downhill, veering to the right end (southwest). There should be a small track connecting this meadow with another one to the south. Once on the second meadow head to the far southwest corner before cutting down the hill to Onion Creek. Follow Onion Creek downstream to view the largest drop and continue all the way to Ontonagon River to view a cluttered gorge and smaller slides.

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