Wyandotte Falls on Misery River

draining the Twin Lakes and a golf course

Dry, mossy rocks
  • Dry, mossy rocks
  • Trickling water down the mossy rock formation
  • Trickling stream below the falls
  • Creek bubbling up through the snowy surface
  • Falls trying to break free from the smothering snow cover
  • Swelling spring melt over the falls
  • Swollen Wyandotte Falls

Misery River drains Lake Roland and Gerald (aka the Twin Lakes) westwards out to Lake Superior, passing over the small Wyandotte Falls along an otherwise twisted and swampy route. This waterfall is just downstream of a set of ponds next to a small set of cabins and the Wyandotte Hills Golf Course. Nestled in an older grouping of huge cedar trees and surrounded by smooth, moss-covered rocks, this waterfall seems ancient compared to the nearby golf course and state park. Also, due to the twin lakes upstream, Wyandotte Falls is susceptible to a rather large influx of spring melt.


Head west along Poyhonen Road, just south of Twin Lakes South Park, towards Wyandotte Hills Golf Course. Continue past the course and park near the trailhead on the left side of the road, a few hundred feet beyond the golf course's storage shed. Follow the trail south to the river and waterfalls.

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  • Sandstone Feb 24, '16 how long is the walk to Wyandotte Falls?
    • Jacob Emerick Mar 2, '16 Hi Sandstone, the walk itself is very short, maybe a quarter mile at most. It's an enjoyable one, too, under huge cedars and over soft ground.
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