Hogger Falls on West Branch Sturgeon River

short stepping waterfall just south of Nisula

Snow around the stained waters
  • Lush green around Hogger Falls
  • Snow piled up below the tall sandy bank
  • Snow around the stained waters
  • Frothy stained water
  • Calm river upstream

A wide, stepping cascade with an odd angled cut across the river's flow, Hogger's Falls is a unique little drop nestled deep in the Ottawa National Forest. This waterfall marks the beginning of a chain of drops on West Branch Sturgeon River between two twisting swampy sections. Relatively remote and with no marked path, Hogger's Falls is a good challenge for explorers looking to break away from maintained paths and easy hikes.


Take Newberry Road south from M-38 near Nisula beyond the unimproved sign to where the road ends at West Branch Sturgeon River. Backtrack up the road for a quarter mile to the first overgrown, gated forest access road that leads east. Take this road on foot for about a half mile before cutting to the right, down the river bank, for a few hundred feet to the falls. The waterfall is just upstream of the huge sandy curved bank.

Note: it may be more convenient to visit West Branch Sturgeon Falls first and just follow the river upstream to Hogger Falls.

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  • Smartee Martee Sep 20, '16 Hello, my first post-combo-question: Hogger Falls...on satellite Google Maps, it has multiple "white spots" on the river. Which one is the official Hogger? There appears to be six-ish falls/cascades/rapids, in which I can see. Hogger has the Google pin at the furthest upstream falls; and the last falls Google pinned as West Sturgeon River Falls. I will be seeking them all, but clarification of correct knowledge would be dandy.West Branch Sturgeon Falls...on official Ottawa National Forest maps, it appears on the unnamed creek between West Branch Sturgeon River and Perjory Creek. A huge "white spot" on the river appears on that locale, as suggested locale of the WBSF by the USFS.Adding to this, where WBSF appears with this Google pin drop is the equivalent latitude as where USFS places WBSF on the unnamed creek. Add to this...same latitude on Perjory Creek, there is also a big "white spot" on this creek.What is your experiences with all of this?Thank you, Marty
    • Jacob P Emerick Sep 22, '16 Hi Smartee! Hopefully I can answer some of your questions. So, it's my understanding that what you said about Google's marks are mostly correct. The uppermost drop on West Branch Sturgeon River is Hogger, and the lowermost is West Branch Sturgeon Falls. There are multiple drops in between the two drops on the river, none of them as tall as either Hogger or WBSF. However, I don't think that there is anything on or near Perjury - that's too far downstream. I haven't gone that far, but judging by the terrain out there and the elevation profile it seems unlikely (though not impossible) that another waterfall is that far east. Hope this helps!
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