West Branch Sturgeon Falls on West Branch Sturgeon River

split waterfall over rock slabs in the Ottawa National Forest

Falls with a log
  • Overhanging ledge creating a small waterfall
  • Mossy slide and logs and branches
  • Outstretched leg on the left side of the falls
  • Falls with a log
  • Cluttered downstream river
  • Overhanging rock wall above a drop
  • Snow on the main drop
  • Even ledge of stained melt water
  • Upper sliding drop

A cascading drop in the Ottawa National Forest along a remote section of West Branch Sturgeon River. The main waterfall flows around a small outcropping, the left side stretching out into a long slide and the right a sudden drop, with a unique log perched on the outcropping from past flood waters. A forest access road provides easy access to West Branch Sturgeon Falls and a nearby campsite.

Upstream from the main drop is a series of smaller falls stretching all the way to Hogger Falls. The path is sometimes difficult and the drops range from one foot plunges to taller, noisy slides. The river and valley is very pretty to walk along, with random outcroppings, steep banks, and huge trees along the route.


Take Newberry Road south from M-38 near Nisula beyond the unimproved sign to where the road ends at West Branch Sturgeon River. Backtrack up the road for a quarter mile to the first overgrown, gated forest access road that leads east. Take this road on foot for about a mile before taking a side route to the right down to the main falls and a small campsite.

Follow the river upstream to view the smaller drops, and continue upstream past the big sandy bank to view Hogger Falls. Path may be made easier by fording the river a few times to avoid tough areas on the banks.

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