Plover Falls on Plover Creek

tiny, trickling drop flowing into the Ontonagon

Mossy little shelf overhang
  • Trickling water over Plover Falls
  • Muddy Ontonagon River
  • Clear trickle of water
  • Mossy little shelf overhang
  • Wooded path to the creek and falls
  • Gushing Plover Falls

Plover Creek is a tiny southern tributary of the Ontonagon River that barely flows most of the year. Within a few hundred feet of its outlet the creek plunges off a small overhanging shelf of sandstone before sliding down a hard creekbed into the river.


There is a small two-track just south of the US-45 bridge over the Ontonagon River, about 7 miles south of Mass City. The track is small and easily missed, unmarked on the west side of the road a few hundred yards south of the river. Park on the side of the highway near the two-track or a short distance down the road, but do not block the track.

Continue down the track on foot, passing over the first creek (Sandstone Creek) until you reach the second creek near a washed-out part of the trail (Plover Creek). The falls are a short distance upstream from here.

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