Sandstone Creek Falls on Sandstone Creek

small roadside creek along US-45

Overflowing Sandstone Creek Falls
  • Waterfall or some damp standstone stacks
  • Muddy inlet into Ontonagon River
  • Beaver dam along the creek
  • Leaning trees over the rocky bed
  • Reflecting pool
  • Barely trickling sandstone
  • Snowy, muddy creek
  • Brown angry plunges
  • Mud-colored waters
  • Overflowing Sandstone Creek Falls

Running alongside US-45, Sandstone Creek runs over a series of steep sandstone steps and drops quickly before meeting up with the Ontonagon River. This creek is little more than a trickle for most of the year yet swells impressively in the spring melt, cascading dramatically in brown plungs down steep ledges.


There is a small two-track just south of the US-45 bridge over the Ontonagon River, about 7 miles south of Mass City. The track is small and easily missed, unmarked on the west side of the road a few hundred yards south of the river. Park on the side of the highway near the two-track or a short distance down the road, but do not block the track.

You can be careful at this point, heading down the track to Sandstone Creek (the first creek that passes over the trail) and then follow the creek upstream to the falls. For a quickier and easier hike just head left parallel to the highway (not up the steepening shoulder) until you bump into the creek. Tallest drop is located just below the sign for Sandstone Creek on US-45 and is marked by trees on both sides of the creek.

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