Victoria Dam Falls on West Branch Ontonagon River

towering overflow channel from an impressive dam

Open spillway on Victoria Dam
  • Dry stacked slabs of rock
  • Sunshine over the dam
  • Looking back at the dam beyond the grassy flat
  • Victoria Reservoir
  • Across the grass and river
  • Open spillway on Victoria Dam
  • Side view of Victoria Dam Falls
  • Towering stacks of rock around the river
  • Down the brown flow of water
  • Looking up at towers of rock, cement, water, and ice

This section of West Branch Ontonagon River was once the home of the famous Ontonagon Boulder (a copper boulder now housed in the Smithsonian weighing almost two tons) and a tall, impressive waterfall. A dam and basin now covers both landmarks and only an overflow channel, one that is rarely flowing, remains. Viewing the drop is easy as it flows down from the opposite bank facing an access point.


Head west out of Rockland down Elm/Victoria Dam Road, following it down and over the Ontonagon River (main branch) for 4 miles. Continue staight here near the sign for the dam for an additional .4 miles and park on the small lot down to the left, below the reservoir. Head over to the river downstream of the dam, past the old trestle display, to view the falls.

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