Wildcat Canyon Falls on Wildcat Canyon Creek

wild group of falls tumbling down a narrow canyon

Upper falls in Wildcat Canyon
  • Lower falls in Wildcat Canyon
  • Middle falls in Wildcat Canyon
  • Upstream swamp
  • Upper falls in Wildcat Canyon
  • Rocky little Wildcat Canyon Creek
  • Narrow thread of water
  • Cool sideways plunges
  • Small drops into the dark pool
  • Upper waterfalls
  • Rocks around the uppermost waterfall
  • Jumbled rocky slide

Wildcat Canyon is a steep little rugged gorge on the far west end of the Silver Lake Basin, a very remote area of Marquette County. A tiny creek drains a series of swamps down the canyon and over a wide variety of waterfalls. Some of the drops are tall split cascades over hard rock, some are sideways slides along slabs, while others are direct plunges that foam up as the crest. Huge mossy rocks and tall trees surround the creek and create a wonderfully scenic hike.


Head north on County Road FX (or Wolf Lake Road) from US-41 for 8.7 miles until the road starts to curve west up past Brocky Lake. Turn right on Grapevine Road, following it's loop for 1 mile before turning left at the fork. Take a right at the fork at .3 miles. Keep on this 'main' dirt road for 5.3 miles before turning right down a small track that leads over to the Dead River's inlet to Silver Lake Basin. Park at the camping spot.

Follow the track across the river on foot, walking along the western end of the basin. The track gives out after less than a half mile, continue on the shoreline until you bump into Wildcat Canyon Creek. Follow this creek up the hill, crossing the North Country Trail on the way to view the uppermost falls.

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  • Luke Jul 7, '18 How far is the walk on the North Country Trail from the "main" road? The trail that follows along the south side of the dead river seems to be closed, which must be where your "camping spot" is.
    • Jacob P Emerick Jul 12, '18 Few hundred yards at best, it's very close. If you can still drive the "main" road (which used to be in great shape) then you can definitely get to the camp (and the falls beyond).
    • Garrett Moore Jul 4, '21 I was at silver lake basin fishing a few weeks ago and I was wondering if I could beach my boat on shore and hike to the falls? how far would I have to go?
    • Jacob P Emerick Jul 17, '21 Not far at all! And there are a bunch of waterfalls along the creek, so you can always turn around after the first few if the flies are getting bad.
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