Wylie Dam Falls on Yellow Dog River

rapids at the sight of a (long gone) logging dam

Tiny little falls on the Yellow Dog
  • Tiny little falls on the Yellow Dog
  • Fern covered earthern berm near the river
  • Thick upstream swamp

Wylie Dam may have once been the site of a seasonal logging dam, plugging up an expansive upstream swamp, but today all that's left here is some short earthern banks and a humble rapids over rocks. Even though the wterfall may be tiny it does mark a significant change on the Yellow Dog River, leaving the swamps and starting a deep gorge that includes Pinnacle Falls. There are a few cabins on the northern bank of Wylie Dam Falls that complicate access.


Starting at County Road 510 head west on the Triple A for 6.7 miles, slowly climbing up the sandy wooded plains until the road straightens like an arrow. Turn left at the next (main) two-track past the turn-off for Pinnacle Falls. This sandy road leads straight down to the Yellow Dog River by a USGS guaging system. Park and ford the river on foot.

Head up the road on the south side and turn right at the first sideroad. Follow this west while keeping close to the river. After a mile head off to the right, down to the Yellow Dog, and head upstream to the falls. The north bank makes an easier hike, though it has several cabins clustered along the banks.

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