Chapel Beach Falls on Chapel Creek

lakeside waterfall on a sandy beach

Gushing spring waters
  • Down along the outflow of Chapel Lake
  • Gushing spring waters
  • Chapel Rock above the dirty sow
  • Long sandy beach

Chapel Creek empties out of the wooded Chapel Lake and winds around a bit before pouring into Lake Superior. The final leg is over a short slide of sandstone alongside the beautiful Chapel Beach, within a stone's throw of Chapel Rock. While the waterfall itself is relatively small, the setting is fantastic (and very Chapel-y).


Starting in Munising, head east on main roundabout on M-28 along H58 towards the Pictured Rocks National Park. Continue on H58 for 14 miles until you pass through Melstrand and see a sign for Chapel - Mosquito pointing to the left. Take this road (Chapel Drive) for a mile and turn left on 695 (Camp Rd). Turn right at the fork after another mile and continue after the fork for 3 miles. Parking lot will be on the left hand side - there should be plenty of signs along the way for 'Chapel Falls' to follow.

After parking head to the trails to the north and take the right one to Chapel Lake/Falls. The main Chapel Falls is located 1.3 miles into the trail. Continue past for another 2.5 miles or so until you bump into Lake Superior near Chapel Rock. Follow the shoreline trail a short distance to the left to get to Chapel Beach and this smaller waterfall.

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  • Aaron Miner Aug 16, '15 Went down this trail to get to Chapel Rock, didn't even know the falls was there, was a nice surprise. Felt like a nice secluded area, not many people out there at all, other than a few college skinny dippers... I certainly recommend the hike, it's long, but it's not difficult. Been wanting to do it again, but living downstate and getting vacation time can be problematic.
    • Jacob Emerick Aug 21, '15 Oh man, that sounds like a wonderful time. How bad were the bugs this time of year? When I went (early early spring) there was none, though I had to fight through slush to reach the beach.
    • Aaron Miner Aug 21, '15 This was actually around 10-15 years ago, sometime in the middle of summer, probably July or August. I think it was just an average amount of mosquitoes. I do remember clear blue sky and sunshine, it couldn't have been better weather!
    • Jacob Emerick Aug 24, '15 Oh gotcha, sorry, I assumed you were talking about this year. Regardless, clear blue sky and sunshine sounds fantastic!
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