Chapel Falls on Section 34 Creek

sixty-foot slide of sandstone

Gushing falls over the fanning rock
  • Lake view from the gorge
  • Gushing falls over the fanning rock
  • Looking down the crest of the falls
  • View from the south bank

Sitting right in the center of the Pictured Rocks National Park, Chapel Falls and Lake make for an incredibly scenic duo. The waterfall is on a relatively small tributary but slides down a sixty-foot tall slope of sandstone hewn from the steep shoreline of Chapel Lake. Reaching the waterfall is easy enough along the park's maintained paths, but getting anything beside a view from the top may prove difficult.


Starting in Munising, head east on main roundabout on M-28 along H58 towards the Pictured Rocks National Park. Continue on H58 for 14 miles until you pass through Melstrand and see a sign for Chapel - Mosquito pointing to the left. Take this road (Chapel Drive) for a mile and turn left on 695 (Camp Rd). Turn right at the fork after another mile and continue after the fork for 3 miles. Parking lot will be on the left hand side - there should be plenty of signs along the way for 'Chapel Falls' to follow.

After parking head to the trails to the north and take the right one to Chapel Lake/Falls. After 1.3 miles you should be right on top of the waterfall. There are viewing platforms on both sides, though you need to follow the creek upstream a hundred yards or so along the trail to cross. For a more intimate view you can try heading down into the gorge… Though it looks pretty tough to get down there.

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