Spectacle Falls on Spectacle Creek

narrowed drop too conveninet to pass up

Gushing waterfall under the bridge
  • Little pine trees clustered around the river
  • Gushing waterfall under the bridge
  • Whitewater above the bridge
  • Looking downstream into the little canyon

While not an official drop or on a named creek, Spectacle Falls is far too convenient to miss. That is, if you're deep in the woods of the Pictured Rocks Park, that is. The trail that connects Lake Superior to Mosquito Falls (and the Chapel parking area) crosses right on top of the drop, offering an intimate angle on this rushing section of canyon.


Starting in Munising, head east on main roundabout on M-28 along H58 towards the Pictured Rocks National Park. Continue on H58 for 14 miles until you pass through Melstrand and see a sign for Chapel - Mosquito pointing to the left. Take this road (Chapel Drive) for a mile and turn left on 695 (Camp Rd). Turn right at the fork after another mile and continue after the fork for 3 miles. Parking lot will be on the left hand side - there should be plenty of signs along the way for 'Chapel Falls' to follow.

After parking head to the trails to the north and take the leftmost one to Mosquito Beach/Falls. Keep to the left of the forks (first one is for Chapel Lake, second one a shorter way to Mosquito Beach) and keep on the trail until it passes over Mosquito River at 1.2 miles. Mosquito Falls is within earshot here. Continue on the trail to the next bridge, which passes right over Spectacle Falls.

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