Eister Falls on Eister Creek

tall drops in a conglomerate gorge along a tiny creek

Full creek flowing heavily
  • An overgrown trail to the bluff
  • Mossy drops on the creek
  • A narrow lower drop
  • Looking down at the falls
  • Full creek flowing heavily
  • Trail map for Gratiot Lake
  • Looking up the lower drop
  • Rocky clutter in the narrow canyon
  • Zig zag drops along the conglomerate creek
  • Narrow mossy chute
  • Gratiot Lake from the bluff
  • Up at the bluff from the parking area

Series of surprisingly tall waterfalls cut deep in a conglomerate gorge draining around the face of Gratiot Bluff, Eister Falls is a little-visited jewel of the Keweenaw. During the summer the small creek dries up to a small trickle down mossy rock, though the waterfall truly roars with force during spring melts.

The trail that parallels Eister Creek leads up to Gratiot Bluff, a towering steep face that overlooks Gratiot Lake and the lowlands to the east. Even though there is no clear breaks through the trees a hint of a view can be made out through the leaves, or better yet, obtained in the late fall or winter.


Follow Gratiot Lake Road south from US-41 for 4.6 miles and turn left at the fork, driving parallel to the lakeshore with Gratiot Lake on your right side. About .8 miles down the road there will be a public boat launch for parking.

Cross the road, heading away from the lake, and look for a trail marker for Gratiot Bluff (a few dozen yards to the left of the launch's drive). Follow the trail uphill. If you stay on the trail you end up high above the falls, maybe seeing a few at times, and will eventually climb to the top of the bluff (which is on your left during the climb). For a more direct view of the waterfalls cut off the trail to the right when the trail starts to get really steep, finding the creek in the woods, and then follow it upstream to the falls, climbing them one at a time.

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