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Agate Falls makes for an easy break after tough morning hikes, something that both Kathleen and Jacob needed after climbing volcanic plugs published on by

Side view, through the branches

Kathleen and I were driving through the Sidnaw area on a late summer adventure when I suggested a quick trip over to Agate Falls. We had spent the morning exploring two of the volanic plugs in the Ottawa National Forest, Mount Kallio and Haystack Mountain, and she needed a break from the muggy forest climbs. I had found the small little mountains exciting for both their remote locations and geological significance. Kathleen had been stung by wasps and forced to trudge through thick undergrowth for two short, craggy climbs. A short, easy stop to an impressive local drop would be a nice change from our morning.

M-28 was a sunny, slightly boring drive west. We made it to the roadside park with no difficulty. A handful of cars were parked here, most of the drivers resting within the park itself. We didn't stay here, instead following the trail under the highway north to the falls.

This was my third visit to Agate Falls but Kathleen's first. Neither one of us wanted to play the tourist's role and head up to the gift shop, though, with our clothes marked up with grime and wet from the morning's hikes. We simply followed the trail past the shop to the viewing platform and peered down at the impressive drop.

Side view, through the branches

Side view, through the branches

I didn't feel like leaving without a few decent pictures so I headed down the hillside. Kathleen was satisifed with staying up top so I went alone. I felt bad, not wanting to leave her too long after our earlier ordeals, and only went halfway down for a quick sideways photo. We took off soon after, heading up to L'Anse to meet up with some friends at Big Erick's Bridge. Even though she was too tired to check out the riverside view Kathleen still rather enjoyed Agate Falls, or at least enjoyed them more than Mount Kallio visit.

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  • Steep outcroppings of Mt Kallio
  • Side view, through the branches

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  • Douglas Feltman May 27, '15 I was just there on Saturday!
    • Jacob Emerick Jun 2, '15 Very jealous! A little birdie told me that you where at Tioga Falls recently as well ;)
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