Silver River Falls on Silver River

conglomerate and basalt waterfall

Shallow glides over conglomerate rock
  • Road over Silver River
  • Sandstone brick bridge
  • A lower, blocky waterfall
  • Shallow glides over conglomerate rock
  • Looking across the slide
  • Natural rock stairs
  • Full slide below the road
  • Cascading upper falls
  • Foamy lower falls

An accessible and iconic waterfall for Keweenaw tourists, Silver River Falls is composed of two sets of drops below a historic sandstone bridge. The upper drops are wide, smooth drops over conglomerate rock, while the lower falls are more jagged and basaltic. A small set of pools separate this interesting geologic shift, the two rock types only a few dozen yards apart.


Drive east from Eagle Harbor along M-28 for 4.2 miles. Right before the Brockway Mountain Drive's west entrance the highway crosses a bridge marked with 'Silver River'. Park off the shoulder here and head down the north side of the bridge, down the sandstone stairs. to view the upper drops. The lower drops are a short walk downriver.

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